Grant Application

A school authority submitting a grant request on behalf of a needy student, please click Download Grant Application below for a grant application form. Completed applications may be sent via regular mail to : The Christopher Whitehouse Foundation Inc. at 201 Todt Hill Rd. Staten Island, NY 10314.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Student in financial need.

Students do not apply directly, that is done by a professional educator from an educational institution. 

No, all grant requests are anonymous.

These items are not directly related to education and so are usually not covered.

The foundation is geared to respond to modest requests. The average grant awarded is between $200-300, but there is no official maximum.

No, as long as the application is on behalf of an enrolled student.

We do not award block, bulk or organizational grants as a policy. Our grants are intended for students and the money goes directly to them.

Very definitely . “Events” we have helped pay for in the past include proms, athletic team fees and any other school related activity.

No, tuitions are beyond our means.