Grant Awarded / Rejected

The Christopher Whitehouse Foundation Inc. submits grant requests to all  20 directors for their consideration and vote.  Grant requests are always submitted by responsible professionals on behalf of students in need, never by students themselves whose anonymity is thereby preserved. 

Statistics for an academic year 2022-2023

Grants were awarded for these kinds of requests, if there was a need.

Grants were rejected for these kinds of requests.

School Tuitions

Household Expenses

Block or Group

1. The Foundation wishes to make grants to teachers who teach and counsel school children,

2. To encourage research into those issues which enhance the intellectual and social growth of students,

3. To conduct research, seminars, informational programs, and other activities related to student development and counseling.

4. To assist local, state, and federal agencies and public and private institutions and organizations in responding to the special needs of school children.

5. To accept, solicit, hold, invest, reinvest, and administer any gifts, legacies, bequests, devises, funds, and property of any kind or nature, and to use, expend, or donate the income or principal for the foregoing purposes of The Christopher Whitehouse Foundation, Inc.

6. To do any and all lawful acts and things which may be necessary, useful, suitable, or proper for the furtherance or accomplishment of the foregoing purposes of the corporation, provided that nothing shall be done for pecuniary profit or financial gain of its members, directors, or officers except as may be permitted under the New York State Not-for-Profit Corporation Law and the Federal income tax laws (or in the corresponding sections of state and Federal law in any subsequent amendment).