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The Mission of the Christopher Whitehouse Foundation Inc.

To lift students up by providing modest amounts of money for the small things they cannot afford, things that have big impact, things that others take for granted, things that supply a concrete need with a big psychological boost.

Can you imagine the despair of a high school senior who cannot afford a yearbook? Or one who has no funds for a college application fee? Can you feel the frustration of an eager athlete who can’t pay the dues to join a team with a great coach? Imagine the misery of the young woman without a way to pay for a prom dress? Would you want to be the kid who falls behind because he has no computer? But then, imagine the joy of a wish fulfilled. Feel the relief from the shame of being without what others have.

Making all this happen is the dedicated mission of the Christopher Whitehouse Foundation Inc.

Notre Dame Club of Staten Island

Staten Island Track Running & Community

Tunnel to Towers Foundation

Just some of our friends from whom we have gotten grant applications on behalf of students in need.


Educational Supervisors

School Team Coaches

Guidance Counselors

Health Ed Teachers

Activities Teachers

Club Coaches

Retired Professionals